Vegetarianism in Montenegro: how can a tourist survive in a meat-eating country?

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Montenegro attracts tourists not only by its beautiful views and atmospheric cities with a rich history, but also with meat and fish cuisine. Therefore, it is important for vegetarians to look for the information about cafes and canteens with unconventional type of food before traveling.

Are there any vegetarians in Montenegro?

There is an extremely little chance that you can meet a vegetarian in Montenegro. Inhabitants of the country eat vegetables, fruits and meat products, but prefer to combine them with meat or fish. When you stay in your apartment, be sure to warn the owners that you don’t eat meat. Montenegrins usually make a compromise and put large portions of vegetables and other lean foods.

Are there any dishes without meat?

Montenegro is a country of meat-eaters; each restaurant here serves a large portion of meat, mostly without spices and sauces. Despite this, vegetarians have no problems with food here.

To try the national cuisine of Montenegro without meat, you can ask at the restaurant the following dishes:

  • salad called “Shopski”, made of tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, peppers and cheese;
  • crompier with ragweed (in the other words: potatoes with spinach);
  • serbian-style mamaliga (corn porridge with cheese);
  • bake paprika (grilled red pepper);
  • aivar (caviar from peppers, tomatoes and other vegetables);
  • pasul (Serbian beans).

Restaurants and cafes in the Black Mountains country are based on either local or Italian cuisine. You can always find risotto vegetables, pasta and tomato soup in the last places. Just tell the waiter the “magic” word “posno” and he will offer you many options of the dinner.

Restaurants and fast-food cafés offer a variety of options:

  • lapinya (bread, ask the waiter to fry it, it’s delicious);
  • pomfrit (fries);
  • grilovano povrce (grilled vegetables);
  • porokhovani kachkaval (breaded cheese);
  • salted pancakes with cheese;
  • various salads.

Are there dishes without fish?

Montenegro is located in the south of the Adriatic Sea. A tourist vacation on the coast suggests that you will be offered fish (seabass, dorado, lamb, etc.) and seafood (squid, shrimps, mussels, octopus, etc.) for lunch and dinner. But do not be upset – there are plenty of fruits and vegetables in Montenegro. Many of them even grow on the street on trees (kiwi, tangerines, figs, pomegranates). Many tourists claim that the taste of fruits is stunning. In addition, Montenegro is rich in honey, cheese and wine of its own production.

What to eat for vegetarian tourists and what to cook from?

Many goods from Serbia are imported to Montenegro, including good vegan products. Almost every store has soya, rice, oatmeal and almond milk. There are many interesting things to see in the dietary departments of vegetarian supermarkets: bakery products, vegan pasta, waffles for vegans, dried soybeans, bread, ice cream, natural chips, urbeči, etc. Lenten cheese a la mozzarella and vegan mayonnaise are sold in dairy departments. Sometimes you can find ready-made dishes marked as “posno” – they can be safely taken, they consist of vegetables, such as beans or cabbage.

Surprisingly, small shops, unlike the Montenegrin markets, delight the tourists with their reasonable prices. Let’s name the most popular supermarkets with products for vegetarians:

  • Discont Conto in Bar;
  • Voli, a supermarket chain across the country;
  • Maxi Market, supermarket chain;
  • Roda, a chain of stores.

What restaurants have vegetarian dishes?

We present you the best restaurants where you can taste lenten dishes:

  1. Indian restaurant Mantra in Podgorica. Here you will find a lot of vegetable dishes, but don’t forget to ask for spices if you don’t like hot meals.
  2. Forsage Sastro Lounge in Budva;
  3. Konobo Batsun in Budva;
  4. Byblos in Budva;
  5. Catovica Mlini in Kotor Bay;
  6. Vivaldi in Budva.
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