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This is the most visited portal about Montenegro

Every day several thousand visitors come to the site to read something interesting about the country. Our audience — about 50/50 — consists of holidaymakers and residents of Montenegro. During the summer months the attendance grows by 2-3 times.

This is the most informative portal about Montenegro

Hundreds of articles about Montenegro since 2012 give us the right to say so. We have both analytical articles and fun or just entertaining. Articles about Montenegrin lifestyle are written by those who have lived in this country for 5 years and know interesting information.

This is the most technological portal about Montenegro

We were the first website about Montenegro which had a handy mobile version of the portal so you could comfortably read it from your phones. We have developed and made services such as directory of organisations, cafes and places, poster of events, questions and answers, etc.

This is the most authoritative portal about Montenegro

On several occasions there were heated discussions around the publications of our website, both among those living in Montenegro and in Russian media and publications. Many Russian publications have been taking information from us. We have the most professional journalists working for us.

Now in english

We work since 2012 as for russian and serbian speaking auditories. Now we made an english version for you 🙂