Taxi cabs in Montenegro. Tivat-Budva taxi price.

In Montenegro, most cabs work under license. Usually, the company that provides the taxi, works in the territory where it is registered. But the client can independently form a route of several regions (say, Tivat — Herceg Novi), and will be driven to the right destination.

Most taxi drivers on the Montenegrin coast speak English, but the farther you go to the north, the less likely you will be understood. For example, in Podgorica you are unlikely to be understood at first.

Taxi cabs in Montenegro are divided into two types: official (licensed) and unofficial, “wild” (divlij taxi).

Usually, the “official” cabs can be recognized by the large numbers on the side of the cars (the company’s phone number). Also, all the official taxi cabs are of the same brand. “Illegal” cabs often look less presentable, they are about 10 years old, no less.

However, beware of scammers: it happens that “illegals” glue large numbers on the sides of the cars, pretending to be licensed.

Licensed taxi drivers in Montenegro are obliged to provide the passenger with a price list before the start of the trip (or give the final price by phone), but the meter readings can also be trusted.

Where can I get a cab?

It’s easy to find a taxi near airports, train and bus stations, in special parking spots, close to major attractions and large shopping malls.

For example, in Budva official cabs always stay on the Jadranski Put (highway), near the roundabout at the exit of Budva, or in the parking lot to the left of the new shopping center TQ Plaza.

If you need a full day trip or a taxi during your vacation will come in handy several times, look for a private taxi driver: most are looking for a driver based on friends’ recommendations. This way you can reduce your transportation costs and keep your car at hand.

The minimum price for a taxi from the airport in Tivat to Budva is about 20 euros, and a trip from Podgorica Airport to Budva will cost you about 30 euros.

Recently, the Budva Taxi Association unanimously decided that the initial price of one kilometer will be equal to 1 euro. You can tip the taxi driver if you wish — 10% of the cost of the trip.

Tips for tourists

When calling for a taxi in Montenegro, check the number on the side of the car. Perhaps you are approached by an “Illegal” car that deceives you. It will charge you 30-50% more than expected.

Buckle up when you sit in the front seat. It’s not a driver’s whim — it’s a new traffic rule introduced in 2012.

Drunk people can sit ONLY in the back, otherwise the taxi driver will be fined by the police for the presence of a drunk passenger next to him.

If you take a taxi to a place where cars are not allowed, you will have to pay the cost of entering the area. This is the case for taxi cabs waiting for passengers directly under the walls of the Old Town in Budva.

Cabs named “lux”, “vip” and so on cost about 20% more.

Taxi service phones in Montenegro (phone numbers for dialing from local phones):

Ulcinj taxi cabs

Smart taxi – 19788

Pasa taxi – 19745

Bar taxi cabs

Euro taxi – 19701

Budva taxi cabs

Slava taxi – 19715

Hello taxi – 19555

Sany taxi – 19728

Terrae taxi – 19717

Herceg Novi taxi cabs

Taxi More – 1973

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