Tourist temporary residence in Montenegro: catch up in 24 hours

Many visitors do not know where and how to make a temporary residence. We will tell you all about it.

This is an article for you if you do not intend to open a permanent residency (privremeni boravak) in Montenegro and get a work permit.

By law, a foreigner has the right to stay in Montenegro for up to 90 days with a short-stay visa if they come from a country where a visa is required.

A tourist arriving in the country must have an identity document. Within 24 hours from the moment of arrival in the country, the foreigner should apply to the local police department (international relations) or to a travel agency.

Present your documents and address of residence (as well as your telephone number of the apartment owners’ number) and pay the tourist tax of about 0.8 euros per day. The registration service itself costs 1 euro.

Usually these institutions work from 8:00 am to 2:30 pm.

If a tourist arrives on a Sunday or a public holiday, they must register on the first working day following the weekend or holidays.

Owners must also have a copy or an original of the “list nepokretnosti” (Real Estate Cadastre).

If a tourist stays in an apartment or a hotel, it is the responsibility of the hotel owner to arrange a Real Estate Cadastre.

They must register a tourist within 12 hours of their arrival. Remind your landlord of this.

In some cities the tourist data is entered directly into the database, but there is no common procedure. In any case, you will need to request a receipt for the tourist fee and keep it until you leave to show it to the border guard if necessary.

Addresses of tourist organizations on the coast. Usually they do not work on Sunday.


Obala 13.Jula, the building is located next to the city port and embankment — location on the map.

+382 30 311 633

From May to September there is a department at the bus station in Bar — a location on the map.


Bulevar Đerđ Katriot Skenderbeg b.b. — location on the map.

+382 30 412 333


Palih boraca 19,

+382 32 671 323

+382 32 660 165

+382 32 671 324


Старый город, 315

+382 32 325 950

+382 32 325 951

In Kotor there is another registration point, in Dobrota, in the house opposite the Church of St. Eustahije. It works on weekends.


Travel agency on Njegoshevo street in the building of “Roda” supermarket near the concert hall “Dvorana Park”.

Trend Travel agency in the Old Town on Trg Hercega Stefana in front of Saint. Michael Archangel Church.

+382 69 570 027

+382 69 146 853

Next to the coastal park of Igalo, on Sava Ilića Street, a separate glass pavilion opposite the branches of the First Bank of Montenegro and the Central Bank of Montenegro, working from 8am till 8pm without breaks (thanks to Elena Ivanova for the info) — location on the map.


Opposite the Budva Municipality — location on the map.

Old Town, Njegoševa, 28 — location on the map.

From May to September there is a working department on the bus station in Budva — location on the map.

Phones of the departments of Budva Municipality Tourist Organization:

+382 33 452 750 — the main branch in the Old Town;

+382 33 452 750 — branch opposite the municipality;

+382 33 471 088 — branch in Rafailovići — location on the map;

+382 33 468 032 — branch in Pržno;

+382 33 461 173 — Petrovac branch — location on the map.


Ulica Slobode, 47

+382 20 667 535

Have a good time in Montenegro!

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