What to buy in Montenegro: 8 souvenir ideas

Do you want to share your trip experience or buy something to remember? Montenegro is a tourist country where you can easily buy souvenirs. We have compiled a list of 8 gifts that will please you and your loved ones.

1. Souvenirs

Standard gifts (postcards, magnets, glasses, cups, ashtrays and t-shirts) with the word “Montenegro” and country views are sold in every town, in souvenir shops at hotels, railway stations and airports.

2. Albums

Small bookstores in Montenegro often sell colorful albums with views of cities and beaches. “10 Montenegrin Commandments” will be a special gift, they are available in all languages.

3. Montenegrin meat delicacy

Buy some smoked meat called “pršut” — you can get it in almost any grocery store. If possible, go to a butcher shop or to a place called “Njeguški pršut”. This meat has indescribable, incomparable taste and is a great gift.

4. Olives

Don’t forget the local olives and extraordinarily good olive oil, prepared according to ancient recipes. Experts say that local olives are as good as Spanish and Italian ones!

5. Alcohol

The easiest way to choose gifts for connoisseurs of alcoholic beverages is to get a local rakia (strong fruit moonshine), local herbal tinctures and Slivovitz. Dry wines such as Vranac, Riesling and Krstač are perfect for wine lovers.

6. A piece of culture

If you want to experience national culture, buy a “Montenegrin cap” — a traditional Montenegrin headdress, which symbolizes the centuries-old misfortunes and hardships that have fallen upon the Montenegrin people. If you are going to buy silver jewelry, look carefully, because a lot of the jewelry for sale is made in China.

Local craftsmen make exquisite and original silver items, see for yourself:

7. A souvenir from the monastery

A memorable souvenir will be a chain with a cross or an icon brought from the Montenegrin monastery. You can buy them near monasteries, in churches or in souvenir shops.

8. Italian products

If you are interested in shopping, then keep in mind that Montenegro offers great Italian products at low prices: fashionable clothes, shoes, leather goods. If you decide to go shopping, we advise you to go to Podgorica or Bar and search far away from the city center — prices here are lower than in Budva, and the selection is almost the same.

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