10 places worth to visiting in Montenegro

Misha Zinchenko has prepared a list of the most amazing places in Montenegro for everyone who comes to this country for the first time.

1. The oldest olive

It is said that ripe black olives on trees made the mountains look “black”. This fact gave the name Monte – mountains, Negro – black.

The oldest olive can be found in the “old part” of the city with the tempting name Bar. It is more than 2000 years old. Two charming turtles should live beneath it, that’s why take a couple of peaches with you when you go to see the tree.

2. Kotor

The first trip is definitely worth visiting Kotor (architectural heritage protected by UNESCO) and drive along the Kotor Bay from Tivat to Dobrota.

Visit the town of Perast, which used to be an abode of pirates.

There are two islands in front of it in the bay now, a mosque is situated at one of them, an Orthodox temple is on the other. If you go up the stairs to St. Ioan’s Church, the most beautiful view will open to your gaze! In summer it is better to do it in the morning or in the evening.

3. Porto Montenegro Marina near Tivat

In the evening you can stroll around the Porto Montenegro marina near Tivat, admiring hundreds of different yachts. In 2006 it was intended to build it as a small luxury town: quiet music, restaurants, fountains, shops, sea and sun, sunset at the mountains.

There are often festivals are organized on the quay. Be sure to include in the program “try organic ice cream or sorbet in Moritz Eis”, it is expensive, but it’s worth it.

4. Milocer Park

In the afternoon, when you can’t lie on the beach anymore, go to Milocer Park. It has a wonderful air and unique flora. This is the former residence of kings. All the plants and trees in the park are brought and planted by sailors.

6-star hotel where Madonna, Sophie Lauren and Bobby Fisher stayed, ia close to the park.

5. Saint Stefan.

The Adrovich Restaurant is above St. Stefan. Wine and sunset with a view of the Budva Riviera will be an excellent end of the day. Sunset is worth catching from 19:30 to 20:30.

6. Beaches

There are a lot of people on the city beaches during the season. The beaches are for different tastes and purses. They can be secluded, wild Kamenovo and Drobnij Pijesak Plaža between Bechichi (Becici) and Petrovats (Petrovac); sandy and popular Jaz beach between Budva and Tivat; Ploce (Ploče) beach with WI-FI and waiters, which is located on the cape of the mountain; also popular and beloved beach Lucica, which is in Petrovats (Petrovac) (there is the most delicious pizza with cold beer in the world).

7. Mountains

It is needed to take 2 days for a trip to the mountains. Choose a comfortable car, make stops more often, buy cookies, fruit, supplies and water with you, because you will have to drive for 4 or even 5 hours.

Ideally you should drive through the canyon, which is the second largest canyon in the world after the Grand Canyon in the USA. It is over the European mountain river Tara. You will see steep cliffs, giant mountains, haystacks, small villages, tunnels in the mountains, small restaurants, home shops with wine and cheese on the way.

8. Djurdjevic Bridge (Đurđevića Tara)

The highest point of the canyon is the concrete arch bridge of Djurdjevic (Đurđevića Tara). Its height is 172 meters, length is 365 meters. Beautiful view is provided; it will take your breath away. In addition, if you go for a ride on the Zip line, you will never forget your impressions.

9. Zhabljak (Žabljak)

And the most important thing is the Žabljak. Black Lake. Durmitor National Park, which is under UNESCO protection and is included in the list of World Heritage Sites at number 100.

The park has several lakes left after the glacial period, with the purest crystal water. Black Lake, which has a shape as a figure of eight is the closest and most accessible. It is said that there is an ancient monastery at its bottom.

Those who are enduring and go without children will be able to make a few marches on the mountain trails, to other lakes, peaks or springs. Collect wild strawberries, take a boat trip, rent a bike, go to caves or just walk the forest paths and breathe the cleanest air.

If you decide to stay overnight in Žabljak, it is recommended the SOA Hotel, where the dog White Andel Deni lives in the backyard of the hotel. If your budget is enough, you can look at another good option – the Hotel MB.

10. Gourmet mecca – Negushi village (Njeguši)

You can go back through Lovcen National Park to beach Montenegro, and at the same time you can go down to the gourmet mecca of Negushi village. It is better to go there on an empty stomach. Be sure to stop by to see how the local delicacies, called “Prshut”, are prepared.

Each house in the village has its own “susharu”, and in any house you will find home prshut, cheese, wine, mead, vine. Try the local alcohol, but be responsible: alcoholic degrees multiplied by degrees Celsius is not useful.

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