6 ways to spend New Year holidays in Montenegro

Increasingly more of our countrymen are going to celebrate the New Year in Montenegro.

Here you can combine the New Year celebrations with walks and gatherings near the sea, and skiing or snowboarding. In general, you have the opportunity to spend winter holidays fun and unusual.

In Montenegro, the traditions of New Year celebrations are close to ours: gifts are brought here by Santa Claus, our Santa Claus’ brother, and folk festivities often last for several days or even weeks.

What to do on New Year holidays?

1. Go to the city square on New Year’s Eve. There are usually organized mass festivities with concerts and fireworks. If the program is not interesting in your city, go to the next one. Celebration programs are posted on advertising posters in advance.

2. Go to local hotels for shows. More than half of the stars of the former Yugoslavia work in Montenegro for the New Year. Interesting New Year’s programs are organized in almost every hotel: famous artists are invited here; entertainment program and feasts are prepared.

It costs good money: meeting New Year’s Eve at the hotel Kolašin will cost 80 – 90 euros per person, and for three days of festivities will have to pay up to 400 euros.

3. Participate in “Chicken Christmas”. Celebration here does not end on 1 January. There is a mass celebration of “Chicken Christmas”, or St. Ignatius Day, in the villages on 2 January,. On this day, the first person who comes to visit is declared a “chicken anointed”. He is placed at the head of the table in the nest of pillows and is fed abundantly. After that, the main guest is asked to break the pumpkin, and all guests must throw branches into the fire.

These rituals should contribute to the wealth and success in poultry farming in the coming year. Tourists will be very interested to see and participate in such rituals. The celebration continues to flow into the Christmas holidays, like in our country, and then – into the celebration of the Old New Year, which is called here “Prava Nova Godina”, which means “Real New Year”.

4. Go to museums, You should visit local museums on free days or take a trip to the Montenegrin sights that look very different in winter.

5. Do winter sports. Zabljak or Kolašin ski resorts often celebrate New Year’s Eve, where everyone can go skiing or snowboarding. Popular coastal towns such as Kotor, Budva or Tivat are also popular.

6. Go to the Christmas tree with your children. For example, Budva prepares a performance on its own, but gifts are given to all children, and round dances and songs are enough for adults and kids.

P.S. In the beginning of January the air temperature usually keeps within the limits of -5-10 degrees in mountain areas. The temperature at the afternoon seldom falls below +14 degrees in coastal areas. Even if you plan to go only to the sea, stock up on warm clothes, because you will definitely need it in the morning and evening times.

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