Chinese date or jujube is an edible miracle of Montenegro

Natalya Egorova introduces us to an unusual berry, which many people have probably seen on the markets and in Montenegrin shops.

Another edible miracle of Montenegro! Do you recognize it? Jujube or the “tree of life” is among the top of the most useful plants on Earth.

Ziziphus jujuba (aka Zinzula, red date, Chinese date) is sold in many places in Montenegro.

Sellers don’t really talk about it, but there are plenty of facts to discuss.

This berry contains 20 times more vitamin C than lemon does, but it is not sour. It contains 30% of natural sugars, many minerals, vitamins and pectin, which causes numerous healing effects.

The summary. Jujube:

  • has antibacterial properties, is recommended for inflammatory diseases of the oral cavity (stomatitis), lungs (bronchitis, asthma), urinary system;- lowers blood pressure and cholesterol, relieves chest pain and headaches;
  • is recommended in case of preeclampsia, increases lactation for breastfeeding mothers;
  • restores strength after fatigue and diseases;
  • strengthens hair growth and stops hair loss.

In China, this plant has been known for more than 4000 years. People there consume Jujube fresh, dried, smoked, in a tea, compote and jam forms.

Isn’t it wonderful?


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