Excursions in Montenegro: cost of excursions

An excursion is an opportunity to change the atmosphere, learn something new and sometimes take a rest from the summer heat. You will be offered to go on excursion everywhere: on quay and in hotels and the prices for the same excursions will be different. How to choose the best one?

Hotel tours

Prices for excursions in Montenegro range from 20 to 40 euros.

Hotel prices are usually higher by 5-10 euros per person. Tour operators like saying that no one will deceive you, when you order the excursions in the hotel (meaning that these extra 5-10 euros is the price of the guarantee).

In fact, if you have already paid the part or all of the place on the tour, no one will deceive you. In the season, everyone holds on to tourists, therefore it is not profitable to deceive/forget/not to come/not to keep promises here.

You should pay attention to the description of the excursion, find out what is included in the program. This really affects the cost of the excursion. You can compare, choose and then go.

Отдых в Черногории: Экскурсии в Черногории

Where to go?

  1. In the ancient cities of the Adriatic coast, in Cetinje (the ancient capital of Montenegro) and on sightseeing tours of the national parks of Montenegro: Lovcen, Durmitor, Skadar Lake, Beograd Mountain.
  2. Local monasteries: Ostrog, Cetinsky, Moracha, Pashtrovsky seaside monasteries are original and memorable for a long time.
  3. On a sightseeing tour along the coast of Montenegro.
  4. Biogradskaya Gora park, which is located near the town of Kolashin. There is a restaurant and overnight stays here. The trail around the Biogradsko lake is equipped for families with children. It is the best park for a trip with children: it will not be boring or uncomfortable.Отдых в Черногории: Экскурсии в Черногории
  5. On unique natural objects. You can go on excursions to Durmitor National Park, along the Tara River canyon and the Moracha River canyon, to the Black Lake and the Skadar Lake.
  6. In the huge marble mausoleum of Peter Negosh, from where the whole Montenegro and in a good weather the coast of Italy is spread before the eyes and can be clearly seen. Fans of extreme sports can go down on the raft on the river Tara, go down from the mountain on a paraglider, do rock climbing or go to the mountains with a tent!

What to take with you?

Excursions and tours usually take half a day or an entire day. Even if lunch is included in the tour, take the water and a couple of sandwiches with you for incase so you do not get hungry on the road.

Отдых в Черногории: Экскурсии в Черногории

Sea trips

The boat trips along the Boko Kotor Bay are very popular, along the Budwan Riviera or along the Great Beach of Ulcinj. The local boat owners will be happy to take you to the islands and the picturesque bays, which are inaccessible to hikers.

Sea transport can be fully rented and paid by the hour, or you can arrange with the owner to bring you and pick you up at a convenient time for you.

Отдых в Черногории: Экскурсии в Черногории

Travel abroad in Montenegro

If you want to travel outside of Montenegro, keep in mind that since 2013 Croatia has started to belong to a fully visa national countries, so you can go there only with a Croatian or Schengen visa.

Citizens of Belarus without having a visa can stay only in Montenegro. Ukrainian citizens can travel to Albania without a visa.

Отдых в Черногории: Экскурсии в Черногории

Russian citizens can travel to Albania and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Border guards of Bosnia and Herzegovina will be glad to welcome the Russians only if they have the original invitation letter, a voucher from the hotel or Russians are part of an organized one-day excursion. This is a great opportunity to see different countries, compare them with each other, and get an unforgettable experience.

You will need a Schengen visa if you decide to travel from Montenegro to Venice, Rome or other Italian cities.

Отдых в Черногории: Экскурсии в Черногории

Prices for excursions from Montenegro to other countries are higher: a trip to Albania will cost 70 euros, but a ferry trip to Italy will cost from 220 to 410 euros. The price depends on the class of the selected cabin.

Collective excursions

It is cheaper to go on collective excursions in Montenegro, with a well-thought-out route and a Russian-speaking guide. However, it is not always convenient.

Отдых в Черногории: Экскурсии в Черногории

First, there are only 30 minutes for parking. During this time, you need to have time to go to the WC and enjoy the views around.

Secondly, air conditioners are working well in the buses, and many people do not feel good from the temperature difference when they get off the bus.

Отдых в Черногории: Экскурсии в Черногории

Third, your Russian guide can speak 3-4 languages at the same time (as in the bus, there will be also English-speaking and Serbian-speaking tourists, except for Russian-speaking tourists), and it can be difficult for you to follow the translation in the language you need.

If you are not frightened by all of these facts and you are ready for discover the world, there are tables or tents where you can order and pay for such trips in every city, on every beach. The cost of excursions is the same there.

Independent excursions

Отдых в Черногории: Экскурсии в Черногории

If you have a desire and transport, you can also go on your own tours. They will cost much expensive, but you will have the opportunity to go around and see all the interesting things and stay anywhere as long as you want.

You can also book an individual tour, the terms of which are agreed on the spot. Prices for the individual excursions in Montenegro depend on their duration and the number of tourists.

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