Kalardovo is a perfect beach for a family trip

Artem Kotsaga told us about the unique Kalardovo Beach in the Bay of Kotor.

Few people know about Kalardovo, although it can claim to be the best family beach.

Firstly, it is the only beach in the bay that receives an international quality mark, Blue Flag, for the 11th year in a row.

Second, this beach is pretty big relative to the bay. It is about 200 meters long, and it is wide enough to offer guests a place to relax, a playground, a full-fledged restaurant, and a large parking lot.

Thirdly, it is a gentle beach with a sandy floor, quickly warming up water and it is ideal for children.

For the kids

We should talk about the kids in a separate topic. Since this year the beach owners have started to actively invest in the development of children’s infrastructure at Kalardovo.

A pirate ship has been installed, which will become the core of a large playground with slides, swings and sandpits.

The famous Montenegrin animator, mime Trempel, will be working there. Performances, concerts and discos for children are planned.

Restaurant will offer you a special children’s menu, and on the beach, next to the playground, there will be a smoking-free zone.

For adults.

Adults on the beach are offered to rent SUP boards and kayaks. There is a volleyball court and a basketball half court.

The restaurant, in addition to the standard beach menu, has a full menu with a wide selection of salads, fish and seafood dishes, and traditional Montenegrin cuisine.

There is also a vegetarian menu, and the wine list will impress even the most sophisticated connoisseurs. Beer lovers will find 4 kinds of draught beer and the right snacks for it.

In the evening, live music plays in the restaurant, and the view of the sunset from here is simply delightful.

How to get there?

Kalardovo is located far from the highway and populated areas of Tivat. On the one hand, it is a drawback, because the beach is more than a kilometer away from the “Jadranski put” (main road). On the other hand, Kalardovo is one of the few places where you can get a tasty dinner without any rush or crowds around.

It’s easy to get to Kalardovo by car. The road to the beach starts between Tivat Airport and MIVIS filling station.

You need to turn towards the airport, bypass the end of the runway, drive along the runway on the other side, turn right and drive to the parking lot, which will be on the right side. Voila, you are there!

Any taxi driver in Tivat knows where Kalardovo is. It is better to get a taxi using the phone (or have one of the locals call it in). At the beginning of the tourist season, at the end of June, a regular bus service from the Tivat bus station opens.

Kalardovo is an ideal place to pass the time while waiting for your flight. If you are leaving Montenegro, you can come here even after check-in for a snack or a final swim. If you have just arrived, then in 10-15 minutes you can swim in the warm clean sea, having previously made an order in a restaurant!

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