The Luštica Peninsula in Montenegro

Luštica is a favorite holiday destination for locals who value silence, beautiful nature and clean beaches. Even if you are not staying at Luštica, try to choose the day and visit this “secret” place.

Luštica in Montenegro is a small peninsula that closes the entrance to the Bay of Kotor. On one side it is washed by the waters of the Adriatic Sea, on the other — by the waters of the Bay of Kotor.

It is the most untouched place on the Adriatic coast of the country: here you can see thick olive groves, small private wineries and secluded villages.

History of the peninsula

According to historians, this peninsula was almost the first to be inhabited on the entire Adriatic coast — the traces of the first ancient Slavs found here, scientists refer to the VI century. Even the name of the peninsula comes from the Slavic word “луч” (ray).

Because of its geographical position, the Luštica peninsula was the first to be on the way of the attackers from the sea and was not the most peaceful place to live. Due to the seclusion of Luštica, pirates settled here in XIV-XVII centuries.

Locals will gladly show you the places where pagan temples used to be located.

Four beaches of the peninsula

From the peninsula, you can go to the cave Blue Lagoon or just walk through the shady olive groves and breathe in the healing air. But the main attraction of Luštica Peninsula is its beaches. The most famous beaches are Žanjic and Rose.

  1. Žanjic Beach is surrounded by olive trees and covered with amazing white pebbles. It got the international award “Blue Flag”, and has everything for the convenience of tourists: sunbeds, toilets, rescue service.
  2. Rose beach is partially covered with sand and partially with concrete. Divers love this beach because it gets deep quickly. From there you can take a small sea tram to Herceg Novi, located on the other side.
  3. Dobrec beach is located just east of the village of Rose, in a secluded bay, which can be reached only by water. Even in the hot season, it is never too crowded, but there is everything you need: a toilet, shower, rescue service and even a cafe.
  4. To the beach on the island of Mamula, as well as to Dobrec, there is only a sea route. The coast here is rocky, partially concreted, the sea is deep and unusually — even by Montenegrin standards — clean and transparent. It is perfect for scuba diving fans.

Where to rent a house by the sea?

The largest villages, Radovići and Marovići, are located not near the coast, but in the depths of the peninsula. Here you can rent a house for tourists, and any beach can be reached from here in less than 15 minutes by car. Locations by the sea are more popular: you can stay in the villages of Plavi Horizonti, Oblatno, Žanjic, Rose or Krašići. The first three lie on the Adriatic coast, and Rose and Krašići are located on the other side of the peninsula and overlook the Bay of Kotor.

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