Things to bring to the sea: practical tips

For many, vacation time means going to the seaside. But what should we take with us?

You should take as few things as possible – half of the wardrobe is often unclaimed.

In order not to take anything extra, make a list. Divide it into several points to make it easier to navigate: what you want to take for yourself/your spouse/children, what medications may be useful, what kind of food may be needed (in case you are planning to get there by yourself), what kind of footwear will be suitable for the trip.

What to bring to the seaside for a child?

Many families go to the sea with their children, and a checklist in this case is essential. Start writing it in advance to be able to adjust it in time.

Be sure to consider your child’s age. The older the child is, the less items of clothing they will need.

A tentative list of what clothes to take:

  • Laundry (for small children, it is better to take more laundry, especially panties);
  • Shorts, jerseys, T-shirts (3-4 sets);
  • For the children: dresses, pants for the evening, sports trousers, shorts, a thin long sleeve and a jacket;
  • 2 sets of pajamas;
  • Swimsuits;
  • Shoes: flip-flops, sandals and trainers.

If you are staying at a hotel, towels will be provided. But a couple of thin blankets would be useful in case the child falls asleep to hide them from the sun and dust.

It is also necessary to take toys, but not too much. It is best to buy special travel versions that take up little space and are not very heavy. You will need a small set for the beach and a few small toys that will help to distract the child and not let them get bored.

For bedtime story lovers it is best to take not more than one or two books. As practice shows, children get so tired during the day that before going to bed they don’t have enough energy for fairy tales. If you are planning a trip within the country, you can buy a magazine or a small book at any resort.

Think about what medications to take and don’t forget about sunscreen.

If the child is small, pick a light folding stroller for walks.

This is a basic set of necessary items; you can adapt it to your needs and circumstances.

What kind of medication should I take to the sea?

People suffering from motion sickness must have the proper medications at hand.

If you don’t know if you are getting seasick or not, take mint candy with you, especially if you are going to another country.

Many people buy new shoes for the trip, which can cause blisters. To avoid having to look for a local pharmacy, buy band-aids and anti blister balms in advance.

Acclimatization can cause fever, runny nose or cough; you might even catch a cold. Therefore, your first aid kit should have antipyretic drugs, antiviral medication, nose drops and cough pills.

Another problem often faced by tourists is digestive disorders. Drugs for the digestive system should be a priority, because you are changing your lifestyle. The climate, water, and diet are different, and you can’t predict how your stomach will react.

So take adsorbents with you to prevent toxins from getting into your bloodstream, antispasmodics that will relieve your pain, digestive enzymes (work well if you’ve eaten too much), antidiarrheal medicines.

You or someone close to you may have an allergic reaction to new foods, the sun, etc. Therefore, you should choose a universal remedy for allergies.

Parents who decide to go on vacation with their children should collect a multi-purpose first aid kit. Most often, you have to buy antibiotics, and it is better not to use them and not to self-treat, so consult your doctor when compiling a list of medication you’ll need.

The recommendations for collecting first aid kit for traveling with the child are described by a pediatrician in the following video:

Remember to check the expiration date of all drugs used. At home, you can always go to a pharmacy and buy a new medicine, but in another country, this can be a problem.

What should adults bring with them?

Often on vacation, we realize that we forgot something important and that something we did bring is unnecessary. Carefully prepare your vacation wardrobe. Here are some basic things without which a trip to the sea is unthinkable:

  • Swimsuits;
  • Underwear;
  • Dresses, shorts (2-3 pairs);
  • T-shirts or tank tops (not more than 2-3 pieces), you can bring both;
  • Jeans or trousers;
  • A long sleeve (in case it gets cold);
  • Comfortable shoes for the beach and walks;
  • Pareo to throw on yourself for a quick trip to the store;
  • A hat to protect yourself from sunstroke.

If you plan to attend a concert or theatre, choose the appropriate outfit (one, maximum two sets).

Don’t forget that you’re going to the southern country/city and things dry up there quickly. So the main thing is bringing several sets of clothing.

If you’re staying at the hotel, it doesn’t make sense to bring soap and shower gels. However, if you are travelling on your own, buy a travel kit with all the bathroom essentials.

Take a toothbrush and toothpaste and don’t forget your moisturizing sunscreen and sunburn treatment.

Take only makeup that does not block your pores and does not cause allergies, preferably waterproof.

How to properly put together a basic wardrobe for a trip to the sea is described in this video. Even shoes and accessories are taken into account!

What should a pregnant person take to the seaside?

First, consult a doctor and make sure you can go. Your doctor will also advise you on the medication you will need.

Second, the clothes should be light and cover your belly. The sun’s rays are beneficial, but it is better to be careful.

Make sure you have a separate first aid kit with vitamins for pregnancy, activated carbon, Enterosgel and motion sickness treatment. Don’t forget your documents in case you have to go to the hospital.

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