Montenegro is a great country for traveling with children: they will benefit from local clean air and warm sea. Small towns and villages such as Petrovac, Rafailovići, Pržno on the Budva Riviera, Igalo and Dobrota in the Bay of Kotor will be the best choice for a quiet holiday with your child, away from the hustle and bustle.

Considering the change of climate, try adding a few days to your trip in order to acclimatize your baby.


Some hotels in Montenegro have special children’s playrooms, children’s playgrounds and animators. On the coast of the Budva Riviera, in the town of Bečići, there is a water park.

In the village of Ivanova Korita in the Lovćen National Park there is a large adventure park, consisting of trails of various degrees of complexity stretched between the trees. Not only children, but also their parents will want to test their courage and skill here!

Montenegro attracts not only parents with children, but also young people and teenagers. Here you can find children’s sports teams training, nightclubs, children’s camps, various competitions and children’s festivals — no one will get bored.

Children’s beaches

Experienced mothers consider the best children’s beaches in Montenegro to be “Plavi Horizonti” in the area of Tivat, “Trsteno”, located in some distance from Budva, “Mala plaža” and “Velika plaža” near Ulcinj, the beach near the village of Rafailovići and some others. All of them are distinguished by shallow, clean, perfectly warmed sea, sand or fine pebbles and convenient access for babies.

There are no sea urchins, jellyfish or other dangerous sea creatures on the beaches.

Is Montenegro dangerous for children?

The determining factor in choosing Montenegro for a holiday with a child is safety. First of all, the country has a very low crime rate. Second of all, local cuisine does not contain “extreme surprises”, food is safe and ecologically clean.

In this country, there is almost no industrial production, so the air and water here are also clean, and even if the baby swallows water from the water tap, nothing terrible will happen.

Many parents go to Montenegro with infants and do not regret it. Nevertheless, be prepared for unexpected situations and bring with you a minimum set of medications familiar to the child, because Montenegrin pharmacies do not sell a lot of drugs that may be popular in your country.

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