Ladies Beach in Ulcinj: health and recreation in Montenegro only for women

Elena Shishkova told us about the Ladies Beach in Ulcinj, where women from all over the world come to rest and heal.

It’s the perfect beach to take a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. There are sun beds and cozy coves, islets, cafe-bar and private space in the open guarded area.


On Ladies Beach there are hydrogen sulphide springs, mud baths, honey and everything you need for recovery. It is believed that 6 sessions with baths and masks is enough for recovery: hydrogen sulfide baths accelerate the healing of muscle tissue and skin. They have an anti-inflammatory effect, as well as a positive effect on the nervous system. Many people come here to treat infertility.

Here every woman is taken care of by nature itself: the sun, the air, the sea and the springs. Even hair and nails will become strong and shiny after a few days.

Beach rules

Men and children are not allowed here, but there are other beaches all over the rocky coastline that are open to everyone — leave your partner there to wait for you.

It is also forbidden to:

  1. Take pictures (there may be nymphs around you!);
  2. Light fire and smoke;
  3. Bring food;
  4. Bring your own sun umbrella and sunbeds;
  5. Trade;
  6. Use shampoo.

Location of the Ladies Beach, Ulcinj on the map.

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