Active recreation in Montenegro

The best time to go to Montenegro is from June to September. This country is a find for active recreation lovers: people with different hobbies and levels of training will find something to do.


Kiting (also known as kitesurfing) is a sport and active recreation. The essence is that a person moves on the water on a special board, under the influence of gravity, which develops and is controlled by a kite (kite).

Montenegrosurf is a popular kite school in Montenegro. Here you can go through an intensive program and learn to master kite surfing at a professional level in five lessons. There are even special kite tours, with accommodation in the hotel and meeting of tourists from the airport.

The cost of education depends on the number of people in the group and the workload of the school. Individual kiting lessons with a Russian professional instructor (basic course) will cost 350 € – 6 hours and 400 € – 8 hours. Rental of equipment is additionally paid: 40 € per hour, 60 € 2 hours, 90 € per day. Included: kite, board and trapeze.

The school is located on the beach of Velika Plage, near Bor Bora. Instructors say that kitesurfing can be learned not only by men, but even by fragile girls and children. There are no age restrictions, everything depends on the person’s health and physical fitness.

Отдых в Черногории: Активный отдых в Черногории

There are many special beaches with the ability to ride for those, who already know how to manage a kite. You can come with your own equipment or rent it.


Beautiful sea views do not require flying to Turkey or Egypt, diving in Montenegro is not less developed. The choice of diving center should be treated responsibly, because it is still an extreme vacation.

Here is the list of proven diving clubs:

  • “Aquanaut” diving club in Podgorica.
    It has been working since the 90s and has a huge experience in this field. One dive will cost about 1500 rubles, and the courses are about 20 thousands.
  • Diving Club “D’Olcinium”.
    It exists a bit more than ten years, and it is located in Ulcinj. One dive will cost 2000 rubles, and the courses cost from 13 to 50 thousands.
  • Diving club “Marina”.
    It is located in Herceg Novi. Diving courses will cost about 30 000 rubles. However, the price depends on their duration and complexity.
  • “Adriatic Blue” diving club.
    It is located in Herceg Novi. Prices: the cost of one dive is about 1500 rubles per person and about 30 000 rubles for courses.
  • Diving club “Hobotnica”.
    It works in the city of Bar. Diving courses here cost about 15 000 rubles on average, and a single dive of about 2000 rubles.

Payment is made in euros, so the vary of the prices may depend on its rate to the ruble.

You need medical insurance and lack of contraindications from doctors in a purpose to dive. A frequent reason for the ban on diving is the difference in blood pressure. A newly baked diver should undergo a short training lesson in the pool before going out to the sea. There is no age limit, but persons under the age of 18 cannot dive without the written permission of an adult relative or guardian.


Sea fishing is an every fisherman’s dream. The following types of fishing are available in Montenegro:

  • By the coastline.
  • Coastal.
  • River and lake fishing. It is possible to catch: mullet, mackerel, herring, carp, perch, mackerel, mackerel. Main rivers: Mrtvica, Morača, Luča, Tara. Lakes: Plavske, Kapitanovo, Black, Biogradske, Skadar, Rikavach. They can be reached by public transport. When buying a tour, for example, to the Lake Skadar, you will have to pay from 160 to 260 euros.
  • In the opened sea. The cost of 10 to 50 thousand rubles, depending on the distance and time of stay on the water (4, 6 or 8 hours). There are no age restrictions: even two-year-old children can be taken. Boats come from Budva, Herceg Novi and many other cities.
  • Hunting underwater. It is popular on the coast of the Lustica peninsula and at the mouth of the Boyana River.

Отдых в Черногории: Активный отдых в Черногории

It is possible to fish with guides or independently, but after having studied the places where fishing is allowed. You cannot fish on public beaches.


Surfing is as popular as kite surfing. The largest number of surf stations are on the coast of Ulcinj, the beaches of Kotor Bay and the Budwan Riviera.

Surf clubs in Montenegro:

  • “Dragon”- Ulcinj, Velika Plaza;
  • “Kite Loop” – Ulcinj;
  • Kite school “Kiteplaza” – Ulcinj, Velika Plaza.

Отдых в Черногории: Активный отдых в ЧерногорииVelika Plaza is the Great Beach, which is 12 km long. That’s why it has so many surfing centers. Prices for individual trainings start from 50 euros.

A person must be well developed physically for surfing, must be able to swim and keep a balance. You can’t get up on the board in a state of intoxication. The weight of a person should not exceed 200 kg.


The most popular place for rafting is the section of the river Tara on the border with Bosnia and Herzegovina. But it is also organized by the bridge of Djurdjevic, as well as on the rivers Morača, Piva and Lim. The rafting excursions are organized by the website

Отдых в Черногории: Активный отдых в Черногории

Rafting can be easy and extreme. Easy excursion on the river Tara is suitable for children and pensioners, and it is calculated on 1 day (without overnight stay). Cost: 65 euros for adults and 32.5 euros for children. There are more than 20 thresholds on the river Tara, and the length of the site for rafting is 12 km. It is needed to come to Montenegro in April or May for the extreme alloys. The water is not so calm during that time.

Hiking in the mountains

Most of the mountain peaks of Montenegro are located to the north-east of the Komarnica, Piva and Morača rivers. The highest peak of Montenegro is Bobotov Kuk (2522 m) located in the Durmitor Mountains. Many routes of different complexity and length have been developed.

Отдых в Черногории: Активный отдых в Черногории

The trip to the Dinaric Alps will cost about 320 euros in 12 nights. Not so long, but not less picturesque tracking to Durmitor will cost 250 euros for 8 nights.

In full-fledged campaigns it is necessary to go a lot on foot (from 70 to 110 km), therefore this rest can seem too heavy for small children and pensioners. You can sign up for an excursion and visit the mountain ranges: Siniaevina, Belasitsa, Komovi, Prokletiye.

Mountain climbing

This type of active recreation is only for adults and strong people. In order to go to conquer the peaks, you can contact one of the climbing companies:

  • Gorica;
  • Komovi;
  • Durmitor;
  • Montenegro Mountaineering Association;
  • Bjelasica;
  • Prokletije;
  • Vjeverica;
  • Unlimited;
  • Pestingrad;
  • Subra.

Отдых в Черногории: Активный отдых в Черногории

A climber must have good health and psyche. The cost includes transfer to the place of climbing, equipment rental, payment for guides’ services.


Even someone who has never flown a paraglider can feel yourself like a bird. An experienced paraglider will find his own peaks for the flight. There are special flight programs with instructors for beginners:

  • Flying over Budva and Becici. The cost is 65 euros per person.
  • Flight with Lovcen – 95 euros.
  • Picturesque Petrovac settlement – 80 euros.

Отдых в Черногории: Активный отдых в Черногории

The paraglider is safe and even a child can try to fly it, but only with an instructor.

Alpine skiing

Ski resorts in Montenegro are as good as the Alps. Zabljak and Kolashin are the most popular resorts.

In Zabljak, the price of ski passes is influenced by the period of skiing: in January a one-day pass for one person costs 15 euros, and in February and March – 13 euros. Two-day skating costs 25 and 20 euros, and ten-day skating costs 100 and 80 euros.

Отдых в Черногории: Активный отдых в Черногории

In Kolaszyn ski-pass: for one day it is 15 euros for adults, 11 euros for children and 12 euros for the elderly. The weekly season ticket costs 98, 70 and 77 euros. A one-time payment for the entire ski season will cost 400, 500 and 400 euros.

Both resorts have three levels of difficulty, instructor services and equipment rental. It is also possible to rent a chalet, house or room in the nearest hotel.

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