Ada Bojana is one of the few resorts in the world for naturism lovers only. Clothes aren’ t useful here at all!

Nudist village first appeared here in 1973. The island covers an area of 350 hectares and can accommodate up to 1000 people. The main condition for staying on the island is “no clothes”!

(However, there is also a small corner for those who prefer to wear them).

Resort location

The island of Ada is located in the south of the Adriatic coast, 25 kilometers from Ulcinj. A small bridge connects the island to the coast.

The island has a triangular shape: one side of it overlooks the sea, and the other two are washed by the distributaries of the Bojana River. The island of Ada and the Bojana River have turned into a village called Ada Bojana.

Things to do on the island

There are cozy houses with different levels of comfort, a restaurant and two cafes. A tennis court and a volleyball court have recently been equipped.

You can go windsurfing, kitesurfing and water skiing. You can also rent a kayak or a water bicycle.

There is also a riding school here, and it is the only place in Europe where you can ride nude!

The beach on Ada Bojana

The legendary local beach is very long, clean and beautiful. There are places with soft sand, shallow water and areas with small pebbles, where the sea is deeper.

The width of Ada Bojana beach reaches 150 meters in some places and it is never too crowded. The water here warms up perfectly and reaches a temperature of +24°C. Even on the hottest days, it is comfortable to stay on the island due to the light breeze from the sea.

Not the most frank video from Ada Bojana, but it shows a lot of things that tourists expect from this island: sunrises and sunsets at sea in company or in solitude, horseback riding, swimming with nude and a lot of untouched nature. (VIDEO DOES NOT WORK)

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