The small village of Utekha lies on the Adriatic coast, between Bar and Ulcinj, but it is not quiet. Utekha is one of the few places in the country where music and dancing continue until the morning, where Balkan pop stars arrive and where a lot of fun and noise.

The name of Utekha came to the village because of a small cafe, one of the first which was opened on the coast. Then, in the 60’s, this part of the coast began to actively build up and one of the landowners, had a perfect foresight and opened here a cafe called “Utekha”. The whole village began to be called after it soon. Needless to say, the cafe is still working today and is extremely popular among the guests!

The beaches of Utekha

The beach in Utekha is regularly ranked among the top three beaches in the country: it is large (800 meters long), pebbly and surrounded by an olive garden. The water here is unusually transparent and it’s colour is gently turquoise because of the fresh springs flowing into the sea.

Отдых в Черногории: Поселок Утеха в Черногории

There is no sand at the bottom and so the water stays clear even when the sea is restless. These places are ideal for diving and snorkeling on the coast, with packs of mullet, sea urchins and mussels and underwater arches, grottoes and caves.

The beach area is divided into two parts. The first, with a pebble entrance to the sea and more crowded – is a public beach. The second one is concreted, there are convenient descents to the water, there are bars along the beach – the rest here is charge, and there are usually not many people here.

Life in Utekha

It is very beautiful around Utekha: the rocky shore is cut by dozens of small bays and coves, forested mountains are risen behind the houses, olive orchards are stretched, palm trees are grown everywhere mixed with pine trees. The hills offer a n impressive views of the villages of Utekha and Dobra Voda.

Отдых в Черногории: Поселок Утеха в Черногории

There are a lot of people from Russia living in Utekha, and relatively inexpensive villas and cottages are constantly on sale. This village is popular among foreign tourists and Montenegrins themselves.

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