Water in Montenegro is so clean that it can be drunk unfiltered directly from fountains and springs located everywhere. There are plenty of springs with fresh water and mineral springs with healing properties. We have prepared a list of six springs in Montenegro.

1. Mineral springs by Igalo

The most famous mineral springs are located near the town of Igalo, close to Herceg Novi. Water called “Igalka” is used here for external and internal treatment. It treats rheumatism and other joint diseases, cardiovascular diseases and vascular problems, nervous and skin diseases.

The Institut Dr Simo Milošević in Igalo is known throughout Europe for its hydrotherapy achievements. Even spending time in the seawater near Igalo is considered to be beneficial for health.

2. Ladies Beach in Ulcinj

The Ulcinj Riviera has a unique beach that few people know about. Among the rocks not far from Ulcinj there is a hydrogen sulphide spring, which has a positive effect on the female body.

Ladies Beach is open only to women. They come here from all over the world to restore their health. It is believed that even infertility can be treated here.

3. The Bay of Kotor springs

In the Bay of Kotor, springs with healing mineral waters and unique mud emerge from underground.

They are used for cosmetological procedures; they help fight excess weight, benefit the heart and vessels, improve the activity of nervous and immune systems. Several spas are open here, for example, in Prčanj.

4. Bijelo Polje mineral springs

There are about 25 springs with excellent mineral water in the area of Bijelo Polje. Since 1984, water from the famous spring “Čeoče” is bottled in the local factory “Rada”. It was the first enterprise in Montenegro that started producing mineral water.

5. Fresh Durmitor water

In 2009, in the Montenegrin village of Gornja Bukovica, a spring water factory “Diva” was opened. It is supplied from the Gusarevci spring located in the Durmitor National Park at an altitude of 1400m above sea level.

This water is of the highest quality, and the untouched nature of Mount Durmitor guarantees it. Due to its unique composition of elements, “Diva” is recommended for people of all ages.

6. A spring in Belasica

In the Biogradska Gora National Park there is a spring called Bukovičko vrelo, the water from which is sold by the brand “Suza”. The spring is hidden in the beech forests of Mount Belasica. This weakly mineralized water is recommended for people with cardiovascular diseases and high blood pressure.

Healing mineral and thermal springs of Montenegro are not yet sufficiently studied, and their potential is not fully revealed. Most likely, in the near future new hospitals and spa centers will appear here.

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